Gifting at the Workplace: Do's and Don'ts

Choosing the right gift for a coworker can be a challenging task, especially if you want to maintain professionalism while also showing thoughtfulness and consideration. Here are 7 tips to help you pick out the perfect gift:

1. Understand Their Interests

  • Observation is Key: Pay attention to their interests or hobbies. If they often talk about a particular sport, book genre, or a TV series, these can be great starting points.
  • Ask Around: If you're not sure, consider asking other colleagues who might know them better.

2. Consider the Office Culture

  • Professional Boundaries: Keep the office culture in mind. What is acceptable in one workplace might not be in another.
  • Avoid Personal Gifts: It's usually best to avoid overly personal items like clothing or perfume.

3. Opt for Utility

  • Functional Gifts: Items that can be used at work, like a quality notebook, a plant for their desk, or a stylish pen, are often appreciated.
  • Tech Gadgets: Depending on your budget, tech accessories that can be used in the office can also be a great choice.

4. Personalize When Possible

  • Add a Personal Touch: Even a simple card with a heartfelt message can make a generic gift feel more special.
  • Customized Gifts: If possible, consider personalized items, such as a mug with their name or a custom calendar.

5. Gift Cards: A Safe Bet

  • Flexibility: When in doubt, a gift card to a popular local store.
  • Coffee or Lunch: These are great for coworkers, as they offer a break from the regular routine.

6. Mind the Budget

  • Set a Price Limit: Ensure that you set a reasonable budget. Spending too much can sometimes make the recipient feel uncomfortable.
  • Handmade Options: If you’re on a tight budget, consider a handmade item, which can be both cost-effective and thoughtful.

7. Presentation Matters

  • Wrap It Nicely: A well-wrapped gift can make a great impression. Even a simple gift can seem special when presented beautifully.

Remember, the goal is to show appreciation and thoughtfulness. It's not about the price tag but the gesture of acknowledging your coworker. A well-chosen gift can strengthen your professional relationship and add a bit of joy to their workday. Stop by Plum and we can help you pick out the perfect workplace gift for your upcoming holiday function.